Truckee’s Raley

Soaring Ranch Project in Truckee, California

The Soaring Ranch Project (Project) consists of the subdivision and development of a 16.3± acre parcel in the Joerger Ranch Specific Plan area in the Town of Truckee (Town). The first phase of the Soaring Ranch Project consists of 59,000 square feet of commercial development spread over three buildings, including a Raley’s grocery store.

The Town approved the Project in 2018. In approving the Project, the Town used CEQA’s Plan Consistency Streamlining (Public Resources Code section 21083.3 and CEQA Guidelines section 15183). Petitioners filed a lawsuit alleging that the Town should have prepared an EIR for the Project. The trial court denied the petition in its entirety in 2019. Thereafter, Petitioners filed an appeal, which they subsequently dismissed.

The Raley’s grocery store is scheduled to open in 2020.

Tina Thomas and Chris Butcher represented the applicant throughout the administrative process, the subsequent litigation, and continues to represent the applicant with respect to subsequent phases of the Project.

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