Timberline At Auburn

Bringing Much Needed Senior Housing to an Infill Area in Placer County

The Timberline at Auburn project proposes the creation of a continuing care community and commercial/retail center, trails, and wetlands on a 119-acre site in the north Auburn area. The proposed project consists of 858 residential units. The continuing care community consists of 780 living units including nine independent living buildings, 72 villa duplexes, 68 detached villas, two independent living buildings, and four retirement “common buildings”. The commercial/retail portion of the project includes 28,500 square feet of retail space, and 78 residential lofts located above first floors.  The project also includes five medical office and professional office buildings with a total of up to 90,000 square feet of medical office space, or up to 140,000 square feet of professional office space, an RV/boat storage facility, as well as up to an additional 50,000 square feet of professional office commercial buildings. In addition, the project includes a trail and mitigation wetlands on the undeveloped Auburn Recreation Park District lands.

Tina Thomas successfully represented the project applicant during litigation challenging the adequacy of the EIR for the project.  Placer County Superior Court visiting Judge, Leslie C. Nichols, upheld Placer County Board of Supervisors’ approval of an EIR.  Specifically, the court ruled that “[t]he presentation of respondent and real party in interest is substantial, but the court may pass over these matters, because petitioners have [not] advanced any substantial evidence to support their arguments. Suffice to say, the court’s independent review supports the conclusion that substantial evidence supports the respondent’s determinations.”  Petitioners appealed the superior court decision.  Thomas Law Group resolved the appeal through a settlement agreement that permitted the project to be developed as proposed by the applicant. The project is under construction but largely completed.

For more information about the Timberline at Auburn, please visit www.timberlineatauburn.com

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