The Greenbriar Project

Community Growth with Environmental Consideration in Natomas

The Greenbriar project proposes the creation of a mixed-use development on 577 acres of currently fallow agricultural land in Natomas. Over 3,000 residential units will support educational and commercial development. Neighborhood parks and a functional lake/detention basin will provide green space and a separation from the biological habitat surrounding the community. Additionally, this community project will include a transit center that will facilitate extension of the Sacramento light rail system to the airport.

Tina Thomas represented the prior project applicant during the administrative permitting process and successfully secured the appropriate land use entitlements and EIR certification for the project. Tina Thomas and Amy Higuera successfully defended project approvals in litigation, filed by Environmental Council of Sacramento. Judge Timothy M. Frawley of the Sacramento County Superior Court ruled in favor of the City of Sacramento and Real Parties on all claims.

The Project is currently under construction. Nick Avdis and Amy Higuera continue to work with the current owner on implementing the project.

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