The Bridge District

Connecting West Sacramento with the Natural Resources of the River

The Bridge District is located along West Sacramento’s riverbank, immediately south and north of the Tower Bridge and is planned for potential future growth and flexible use. A unique development opportunity, the Bridge District offers the benefit of close proximity to both the natural resources of the river and the urban offerings of downtown Sacramento across the bridge. Current and future residents, business owners, employees, and visitors will have easy access to community parks, outdoor recreation, and LEED certified buildings. The project also benefited from Proposition 1C money for infrastructure from California’s Strategic Growth Plan for Housing and Community Development. Initially, Thomas Law Group worked with the landowners and the City in the preparation of 2 specific plans. The Triangle Specific Plan covered approximately 50 acres south of the Tower Bridge while the Washington Specific Plan covered acreage north of the Tower Bridge.

Recently, Tina Thomas and Anne Baptiste worked with the applicant, preparing an addendum to the Washington Specific Plan for a hotel and condominium project. The City of West Sacramento approved the project at the gateway to the City on the northside of the Tower Bridge. No litigation was filed on either specific plan or on the recent addendum to the Washington Specific Plan. The Bridge District (pursuant to the Triangle Specific Plan) and the Washington Specific Plan are under construction with many residential housing units and amenities built and occupied.

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