SACOG’s Metropolitan Transportation Plan

Providing the Sacramento Region with a Blueprint for a Sustainable Community

The Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP) is a long-range comprehensive plan for the greater Sacramento region’s multi-modal transportation system covering 22 cities and six counties– approximately 6,037 square miles.  Preparing the MTP is one of the Sacramento Area Council of Government’s (SACOG) primary statutory responsibilities under federal and state law.  In 2008, SACOG adopted the MTP for 2035.  Since that time, the California legislature enacted Senate Bill 375 (Steinberg), the Sustainable Communities and Climate Protection Act which requires Metropolitan Planning Organizations to include a Sustainable Communities Strategy element in their MTP update.  These plans look ahead more than 20 years, and provide a blueprint for population growth with the goal of developing a transportation network that encourages construction of new residences near job centers and transit services, reducing the need for long commute times and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Tina Thomas and Amy Higuera assisted SACOG over the course of a two-year administrative process leading to the approval of its first MTP/SCS and certification of the associated Program Environmental Impact Report for the plan in 2012. No litigation was filed challenging the MTP/SCS approval. The agency’s second SCS was adopted in 2016 and no litigation was filed.

Recently, with the assistance of Tina Thomas and Amy Higuera, SACOG approved its third MTP. A CEQA challenge is pending in the Sacramento County Superior Court.

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