Quinto Solar Photovoltaic

Providing Clean Energy to California’s Electricity Transmission Grid

In the heart of central California, the proposed Quinto Solar Photovoltaic Project will generate 110-megawatts of new solar power utilizing approximately 320,000 monocrystalline silicon solar panels mounted to single-axis photovoltaic trackers. The amount of energy generated by this project is enough to supply power to approximately 40,000 homes. This power will be sold in the wholesale power market to electricity providers such as utilities, municipalities or other purchasers and transferred to the PG&E high voltage transmission system. Full operation of this project is expected by late 2014 and will operate for a period of 30 years. At the end of the 30-year project service life, the project would be decommissioned and the site would return to its existing condition and be available for agricultural use.

Tina Thomas secured the requisite project entitlements and EIR certification for the applicant.  No CEQA litigation was filed to challenge the project approval.

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