Northwest Land Park

Redeveloping a Forgotten Corner of Sacramento’s Most Established Neighborhood

Adjacent to one of Sacramento’s oldest and most revered neighborhoods, the Northwest Land Park project seeks to further develop this historic area with new mixed-use construction. Residential units, retail spaces, and parks will replace industrial and commercial buildings currently situated on the 31.7-acre project site, which was a former forest products facility. The project site is bound by Broadway Street on the north, 5th Street on the east, McClatchy Way on the south, and an elevated section of Interstate 5 (I-5) on the west.

A pioneer of Sacramento’s infill development model, the Northwest Land Park project is rebuilding this corner of the Land Park neighborhood. Features including an open-air market, a community farm, community facilities, and public rights-of-way will offer a greater quality of life, while housing and retail spaces will provide opportunity for growth and economic development at the heart of the city.

Specifically, the project will include up to 1,000 medium-density multi-family residences, up to 70 high-density multi-family residences,15,000 square feet of commercial-retail uses, approximately 4.3 acres of park and public open space, approximately 1.1 acres of private open space, and approximately 5.9 acres of public rights-of-way. Much of the community has been completed, but construction is ongoing.

Tina Thomas and Chris Butcher represented the developers of the Northwest Land Park Project through the city approval process and successfully secured EIR certification as well as the land use entitlements including a tentative map and a development agreement. No litigation was filed.

For more information about the first phase of development on the site, please visit

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