McKinley Village

Providing New Homes Near the Central City

The McKinley Village Project consists of the construction of a 336-unit residential development, neighborhood recreation center with incidental retail uses, parks, and associated infrastructure on an approximately 48.75-acre site within the East Sacramento Community Plan Area located in the City of Sacramento, California. A variety of residences and different lot sizes were proposed and have been constructed at McKinley Village. As of this writing all homes at McKinley Village have been sold and McKinley Village is hailed by City leaders as a successful infill community. The community links directly into East Sacramento and Midtown Sacramento.

Tina Thomas assisted the applicant during the administrative process, leading to the approval of the project and certification of the Environmental Impact Report. Thomas Law Group also successfully represented the applicant in Sacramento Superior Court, where Judge Timothy M. Frawley ruled in favor of the City of Sacramento and Real Parties on all claims. Petitioners appealed the trial court decision and Thomas Law Group represented the developers at the Court of Appeal. The Appellate Court ruled in favor of the City on 19 of the 20 causes of action, ruling against the City only on its alternative to a traffic level of service threshold of significance for the Central City. The City cured the alleged defect and the City Council reapproved the project without changes.

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