Our Cases

Thomas Law Group attorneys have represented clients in numerous cases before superior courts, Courts of Appeal, and the California Supreme Court.

Those representations resulted in the following published opinions:

Center for Biological Diversity v. Department of Fish and Wildlife (2016)2016 1 Cal.App.5th 452
Bay Area Citizens v. Association of Bay Area Governments2016248 Cal.App.4th 966
Center for Biological Diversity v. Department of Fish and Wildlife (2015)201562 Cal.4th 204
Save the Plastic Bag Coalition v. City of Manhattan Beach201152 Cal.4th 155
California Native Plant Society v. City of Santa Cruz2009177 Cal.App.4th 957
Sustainable Transportation Advocates of Santa Barbara v. Santa Barbara County Association of Governments2009179 Cal.App.4th 113
Vineyard Area Citizens for Responsible Growth v. City of Rancho Cordova200740 Cal.4th 412
Pocket Protectors v. City of Sacramento2004124 Cal.App. 4th 903
Californians Against Waste v. Department of Conservation2002104 Cal.App.4th 317
Riverwatch v. County of San Diego199676 Cal.App.4th 1428
Chaparral Greens v. City of Chula Vista199650 Cal.App.4th 1134
Western States Petroleum Association v. Superior Court19959 Cal.4th 559
Sacramento County v. Local Agency Formation Commission19923 Cal.4th 903
City of Sacramento v. State Water Resources Control Board19922 Cal.App.4th 960
Oro Fino Gold Mining Corp. v. County of El Dorado1990225 Cal.App.3d 872
Citizens of Goleta Valley v. Board of Supervisors199052 Cal.3d 553
Baily v. County of El Dorado1985162 Cal.App.3d 94
Environmental Planning and Information Council v. Superior Court198536 Cal.3d 188
Environmental Council of Sacramento v. County of Sacramento1982135 Cal.App.3d 428
Environmental Planning and Information Council v. County of El Dorado1982131 Cal.App.3d 350
Perley v. County of Calaveras1982137 Cal.App.3d 424
Rural Landowners Association v. City of Lodi1982143 Cal.App.3d 1013
Sutter Sensible Planning, Inc. v. County of Sutter1981122 Cal.App.3d 813

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