We regularly step outside of a standard set of legal services for clients. Finding lasting solutions to complex land use and environmental law challenges goes far beyond courtrooms, and deep into our surrounding regional community, its history, its leaders and its vision for the future. Thomas Law Group’s ability to simultaneously focus on these myriad aspects defines our value to clients.


environmental review law

Environmental Review: California Environmental Quality Act and National Environmental Policy Act


land use planning law

Land Use & Permitting: including Planning, Zoning, Subdivision Law and the California Coastal Act



Wildlife, Wetlands & Natural Resources Law: including the federal and California Endangered Species Acts


Air quality law

Air Quality Law: including SB 375 / Climate Change, Renewable Energy, and Federal and California Clean Air Acts



water drope

Water Quality, Water Supplies & Permitting Laws: including the Clean Water Act and California Porter-Cologne Water Quality Control Act


local law

Local Government Law: including Municipal Law and the Cortese-Knox-Hertzberg Act


water utility law

Energy & Utility Law: including proceedings before the California Public Utilities Commission


legislature and rulemaking

Legislation & Rulemaking: including drafting legislation and providing testimony and representation in legislative and rulemaking proceedings


litigation trial appellate state and federal

Litigation: including trial and appellate litigation in state and federal court





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Thomas Law Group uses its extensive experience to assist clients on a wide variety of projects including:

  • Clean Technology Projects
  • Commercial Development Projects
  • Conservation Easement Projects
  • Desalination Projects
  • Energy Development Projects
  • Forest Industry Projects
  • Geothermal Energy Projects
  • Homeless Services Projects
  • Hydroelectric Projects
  • Industrial Development Projects
  • Natural Gas, Oil and Mining Projects
  • Public Port Projects
  • Recreational Projects
  • Regional Transportation Planning Projects
  • Renewable Energy Projects
  • Residential Development Projects
  • Ski Area Projects
  • Solar Energy Projects
  • State and Local Government Land Use Planning Projects
  • Wind Energy Projects
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